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Monday, Dec 05, 2022

‘We are small but mighty’! Charity Rymer speaks in UK parliament

‘We are small but mighty’! Charity Rymer speaks in UK parliament

If Charity Rymer’s presentation in the United Kingdom (UK) House of Commons is anything to go by, the BVI’s future is looking quite bright.
The young Virgin Islander who resides in the UK, delivered an address to the UK Youth Parliament on the impact climate change has on the BVI . She made history as the first Virgin Islander ever to speak in the UK House of Commons.

During her address, Charity shared the devastating impact the 2017 hurricanes had on the BVI and the costly burden youth will have to bear to rebuild the territory to withstand unwelcomed natural disasters.

“Climate change sweeps across all areas of the lives of Virgin Islands Youth: our education, our food security, our paths to employment and entrepreneurship, our mental and physical health,” Rymer said.

“But even though the future is uncertain, I am still hopeful. For even though we are small, we are mighty.”

Young Virgin Islanders living in the UK were invited to submit applications to the BVI London Office to be considered for this unique opportunity.

On the directive of the Chairman of the Virgin Islands Youth Parliament, (VIYP) Sharie de Castro, candidates were interviewed by a panel consisting of the Members of the VIYP and its Secretariat.

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